Benefits of Live Chat Software

Discover why live chat is vital to your business

Live chat is a platform that enables you to communicate with your website visitors and is an essential tool for your website.

Why is live chat so important?

We'll show you how live chat software can improve your business by offering immediate assistance to your customers through a cost-effective communication channel that reduces customer response time, increases customer satisfaction and ultimately increase your sales and conversion rate of your business.

Happy Customers

In this fast paced world, users want information now. Customers demand superior service and support for their ongoing loyalty and patronage.

“97% of consumers say customer service is important in their choice of and/or loyalty to, a brand.”
Microsoft Corporation 6

Give your website visitors all the information they need about your product and service in a fast and efficient manner with the convenience of live chat software.

Live chat and your online customer service representatives provide your website visitors immediate responses to their questions and concerns while they are browsing your website and multi-tasking, making the experience much more satisfying.

Stand out and set yourself apart from your competitors and offer your website visitors an awesome customer service experience that increases loyalty, customer lifetime value, and brand advocacy with live chat software on your website.

Increase Sales

Customers are increasingly using live chat as a communication channel to interact with websites for customer service. A study conducted by Forrester Research found that:

“53 percent of US online adults are very likely to abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their question.”
Forrester Research, Inc. 1

Live chat offers your customers immediate assistance to have questions and concerns resolved and eliminates significant wait times typically occurring in telephone call centers and email responses.

Research has shown that customer's don't want to call you and prefer using the web as a first point of contact to easily and effectively answers questions and resolve issues. 2

Live chat builds customer trust and confidence in your businesses and has proven to increase sales. A study by the American Marketing Association found that live chat increases conversions by 20% and customers are three times more likely to buy after using live chat. 3

Using live chat software effectively offers a direct and personal communication channel to interact with customers and prospectives, providing more opportunities to turn website visitors into customers and increase your conversions and sales.

Saskia van Vliet - Customer Testimonial
“Chatstack boosted our sales and our customers are happy the chat feature finally has been added to our website.”
Saskia van Vliet - ServerDirect

Boost Customer Engagement

Proactive engagement will anticipate your customer's needs and allow your customer service operators to provide an invitation to chat and connect with your customers at just the right moment of opportunity when customers require assistance to close the sale and reduce abandonment.

“Sears engages visitors who show a propensity for purchasing products, it reports a 20% lift in revenue by using proactive engagement, and it has a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) of 90%.”
Forrester Research, Inc. 4

By monitoring your customer's journey, you can use insight and seek opportunities to proactively reach out to your customers and close the gap between problems and solutions.

Initiate Chat / Proactive Chat

Proactive experiences with live chat can significantly improve customer satisfaction, raise expectations of customer service and offer a competitive advantage in the customer's experience, resulting in greater brand awareness, higher levels of loyalty and revenue.

Reduce Expenses

Live chat customer support offers significant savings to your business.

Live chat is less expensive than a traditional phone support service, with reduced operational costs and lowering the average interaction cost with customers.

Because a live chat operator can conduct multiple chat sessions at once and answers are efficiently delivered to customers, the time that each chat takes is significantly lower by comparison to phone support. Telephone customer service is typically $12 per contact, while web chat is just $5, providing a significant cost saving to businesses. 5

Live chat keeps the cost per contact low and is the most efficient and cost-effective channel to offer customer support.

Discover Business Intelligence

Live chat sessions allow you to communicate directly with customers and collect valuable feedback from website visitors from their questions, suggestions, needs and requirements in your interactions with them.

Your business can observe and use this valuable business intelligence in chat transcripts and feedback ratings to discover and resolve pain points, focus on the direction of your organization and work on improvements to refine your operations and the overall customer experience.

“Customers often know more about your products than you do. Use them as a source of inspiration and ideas for product development.”
David J. Greer

Customer feedback from each chat session is one of the greatest benefits of live help that will allow you to discover and resolve problems and meet the ongoing needs of your customers to continually improve and enhance your website for future customers.

Receive Priceless Customer Feedback

Live Chat Software Benefits Your Business

There are many benefits to providing live chat to your website visitors. By providing instant assistance while chatting you can increase your online revenue with higher conversion rates and larger order sizes. Start selling instantly by chatting to your customers that are online and browsing your website now. Adding live chat to your website provides the following benefits:

  • Increase Visitors Trust
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Increase Conversion Rates


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