Live Help Web App - Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox

Live Chat Web App for your browser

The Chatstack Web App allows your team of customer service representatives to chat with your site visitors from any computer. Simply they login to the web app from Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer and they are ready to start chatting. The web app works great on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux systems, so no matter what computer your customer service reps are at they can support your customers.
Live Help Web App - Mac OS X

Tabbed Chats to quickly support multiple customers

Quickly switch between tabbed chats when chatting with multiple visitors at the same time. Tabbed chats are now accessible when using the HTML5 web app.

Never miss a chat request with HTML5 Notifications

When your operators use the Web App with Google Chrome or Safari (Mountain Lion with Notification Center) they will receive popup alerts for incoming chat requests. Never miss a chat when you have your web browser minimised or hidden. The web app also plays sound alerts for chat requests and new messages.
Live Help Web App - Settings

Easily update server settings

Easily update the Live Help server settings from the Web App or the Live Help Windows Desktop app. You can quickly customise the Appearance, Images, Alerts, Initiate Chat, Privacy, Email and General settings.