Chatstack Windows Desktop Application

The Chatstack Windows Desktop application allows your Live Help operators to provide efficient and immediate customer service to your web site visitors. The application allows you to easily chat with your site visitors from within a Windows Desktop application rather than using your web browser. Once an operator is logged into the Chatstack Windows application they can chat with web site visitors within a tabbed chat window. When using the Live Help Windows Desktop application, your operators have the ability to support multiple site visitors at the same time.

Manage Live Help Operator Accounts

When using the Chatstack Windows application you can easily setup an unlimited amount of Live Help operators and departments. The Live Help Account management area is shown below.

Live Help Account / Operator Management
Live Help operator icons allow your customer service and technical support operators to quickly sign-in to the Live Help Desktop application via. a simple, efficient user interface.

In addition, you can easily switch operator accounts and setup the Live Help application to automatically sign-in to Live Help as required.

Enhanced Alerts, Improve Customer Response Times

When site visitors request Live Help and send messages to a Live Help operator, flashing task bar window alerts, popup alerts, and sound alerts will allow the operator to respond to Live Help requests efficiently. These enhanced alerts allow you to improve your customer response times and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Live Help Pending/Message Window Alerts

Easily Accept Chats

Using the Live Help Windows application you are able to easily accept incoming chat requests within the pending chats list. You are also able to accept chat transfers and open existing chats that are assigned to you.

Commands and Pre-typed Responses

Within the Chatstack Windows application each operator can configure custom commands and responses. Responses may contain pre-typed messages that are sent frequently to your web site visitors. Commands may contain Hyperlinks, Images, PUSHing URL's and advanced JavaScript code. Commands and Responses allow your Live Help operators to provide efficient customer service.

The Chatstack Windows application is very simple to download and install on your Windows PC. You can easily support users while performing your general business duties, without losing potential sales and revenue.

Live Help Pre-typed Responses / Links / Images

Easily Adjust Settings and Customize Live Help

Within the Chatstack you can easily customize the images, such as the Online, Offline, Be Right Back, and Away images. You can also change the Live Help chat window logo, campaign image / link, fonts and colors etc.

Live Help Windows App Settings