Chatstack Windows Store App

The Chatstack Windows 10 App is now available in the Windows Store. This Chatstack application is an entirely new app that is designed to replace our legacy Windows desktop app. The app is now available for download within the Windows Store for Windows 10 devices. If you are not running the latest Windows 10 release then we suggest you keep using the legacy Windows desktop app.

Some of the features within the new Windows app are outlined below.

Chatstack Windows 10 App – v2.3.9900

  • Easily install and update the Chatstack app from the Windows Store
  • Improved Windows 10 UI / UX
  • Windows notification support
  • Enhanced navigation and chat window layout
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Moving forward our Windows development will be focussed on the Windows 10 app with the eventual phasing out and sunsetting of the older legacy Windows desktop application. Please try the new app and provide us with any feedback or suggestions. The app can be installed along side the legacy Windows desktop app.

Windows 10 App - Chatstack - Live Chat Software

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Windows Store

You can easily have your entire team install the Chatstack Windows app from the Windows Store. In addition to this updates to the app will be automatically delivered to you through the Windows Store. You can click the badge below to get started.

English badge

Windows App Roadmap 🚙💨

Below are some details on what we are working on at the moment within the Windows 10 app, including some highlights on what have planned for future updates. Please note that this may not include all features currently in planning.

Development Roadmap

Upcoming Windows App Improvements – v3.0

  • Do Not Disturb Mode tied into the Windows OS Focus Assist feature. This will allow you to have finer control over schedulling when you are online from the OS level
  • Drag-and-drop file transfer feature for transferring files to a chatting visitor / customer
  • Improvements on how pre-typed responses are accessed within each chat
  • Windows 10 emoji support
  • Windows system tray support
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