Upcoming PHP and MySQL Requirement Changes

Our next major Live Help update (v5.0) will require the following minimum PHP and MySQL requirements on your web hosting account, VPS or dedicated server.
PHP Version: 5.3.7 with PDO MySQL support
MySQL Version: 5.1
Previously we did not require the PDO extension and this will be required from Live Help v5.0.  The GD2 and Freetype PHP extensions are also highly recommended, however they are not required.
These PHP and MySQL versions are the minimum versions that will be required, we do however recommend that you always run the latest stable releases which include the most recent security updates.
The v5.0 release of Live Help is expected to be available in the coming months and includes many improvements to the backend core.  In addition to this we have revamped the departments, improved the web-based HTML5 administration, added two-factor authentication plus many minor improvements.
We highly recommend you check the version of PHP and MySQL that your hosting account or server is running.  For any web hosting providers that are still using PHP 5.2 they should be notified that PHP 5.2 reached EOL (End of Life) on 6 January 2011 (3 years, 7 months ago).  PHP 5.2 and below is now considered insecure and should be upgraded immediately.