So you would like to add live chat to your Magento store? This can be accomplished by editing your Magento template file. You will need to use the HTML code as shown at Documentation – Chatstack jQuery HTML Code and add this to your Magento theme files, the theme files will vary based on how your theme is setup. Please refer to option 1 and check if the file indicated exists, if not then you’ll need to complete option 2.

Option 1

Look for the app/design/frontend/{template}/page/html/head.phtml file where {template} is the name of your active Magento template. If this file doesn’t exist, then you will need to check if the app/design/frontend/{template}/default/page/html/head.phtml file exists. It is recommended to place the step 1 chat code right before the </head> section of the file.

Option 2

You only need to refer to this option if the template files described in the first option don’t exist. Some custom Magento templates might not have a head.phtml file and the template would be using the base template file. For this situation, you would need to copy the base head.phtml into your custom template.

Copy the app/design/frontend/default/page/html/head.phtml file from your default base template to your custom template folder at app/design/frontend/{template}/page/html/head.phtml. You can then open the file and place the chat code before the </head> tag as recommended.

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