Yes if you own a multiple domain license then there are two options you can choose from when installing Chatstack within multiple domains, an integrated or separate installation. Both of these options and applicable benefits are described below in further detail.

Separate Installation
For this option you will need to use separate MySQL database for each /livehelp install. This will require different employees for each website as you can’t login to multiple installations from the Chatstack Windows, Mac or mobile apps. This is generally not our preferred multiple domain configuration, however some companies that have completely separate teams will prefer this option.

Note: It is not permitted to share any Chatstack license (including multiple domain, single domain, starter or business licenses) between multiple companies, or use it for the purpose of reselling etc. The multiple domain license is designed for companies that run multiple sites under the one parent company. Please contact us via. email at [email protected] or live chat if you are unsure if this license is suitable for your situation.

Integrated Installation
An integrated installation will require you to use one MySQL database for all domains where you place the /livehelp install. For this configuration you will setup a /livehelp directory with each domain and have this configured to one MySQL database, e.g. and  By having separate /livehelp folders within each domain you can customise the styles and images of the live chat to match different website branding.

The integrated option is best if you wish to support all chats from one Windows, Mac or mobile apps and the same team would be accepting chats from both web sites. When a customer is pending for a chat the originating domain will be shown when you select them in the pending user list. Additionally you can also use the departments feature within Chatstack to separate and filter incoming chats into different departments or teams.