How can I beta test the iPhone and Android apps?

iPhone App Chatstack beta app builds are made available through TestFlight. Please download the TestFlight app if you are running iOS 8 or above from the iPhone App Store. Within the TestFlight app, kindly provide us the Apple ID (shown at the bottom of the app) by emailing it at [email protected]. We will then be able … Continued

How can I configure the feedback widget?

Within v5.2 we introduced a feature where you can gather feedback from your website visitors and customers while your live chat is offline. The feedback widget will appear when you’re offline and at the end of a live chat as shown below. You can customise the feedback questions so that they are random for the … Continued

Can I use remote desktop / screen sharing feature with Chatstack?

Remote desktop / screen sharing isn’t an inbuilt feature in Chatstack. However, you could use a third party remote desktop tool then pass the session and PIN codes (commonly used with such apps) through the live chat. We would recommend that you have templates of these details setup as pre-typed responses and links. Recommended Remote … Continued

Do you offer a multiple domain license?

Our multiple domain license is no longer available and has been discontinued on 31 August 2015. We now have available two new licenses, a starter and business license. Q & A – What software licenses do you offer? For customers interested in using live chat over more than one domain, we’d recommend the business license. … Continued

What software licenses do you offer?

Starter license The starter license allows you to use the live chat software on one domain only. This is our recommended software license if your company only operates one domain for your products and services. The starter license allows you to place the live chat code and chat widget on a single domain for tracking … Continued

How can I troubleshoot the Chatstack live chat tab not appearing?

Whether your live chat is offline or online, a chat tab should display in the lower right section of your test page at /livehelp/index.htm (provided that you’re using the v5.x or above server software version Q&A – What Chatstack version do I have installed?). Generally, if the live chat tab isn’t appearing on your website after … Continued

Why do I receive a HTTP 500 error for the settings.php file?

An HTTP 500 Internal Server error will occur for the /livehelp/include/settings.php file when the Smarty template framework is unable to create and store the compiled Smarty template files within the /livehelp/templates_c/ directory. To resolve this error, please update the permissions of the /livehelp/templates_c/ folder to be writable. You can also check Documentation – Blank Live Chat … Continued

Why is the SSL switch disabled / required in the iPhone app?

The SSL switch is automatically disabled and set as required within the iPhone app if your phone is running iOS9 or above. This due to the changes Apple introduced in iOS9 forcing all applications to connect via SSL as part of their Application Transport Security (ATS) changes. Due to this change, you’ll need to setup … Continued

How can I setup a text link for the live chat status?

If you don’t wish to use an image for the Online / Offline chat button then you can easily setup a text link instead. You would need to use the live chat HTML code at Documentation – Chatstack jQuery HTML Code. The first step of the live chat HTML code is the JavaScript code and … Continued

How can I add the live chat HTML code to a Magento installation?

So you would like to add live chat to your Magento store? This can be accomplished by editing your Magento template file. You will need to use the HTML code as shown at Documentation – Chatstack jQuery HTML Code and add this to your Magento theme files, the theme files will vary based on how … Continued