Do I need to purchase the Android app for each device?

The Android app is an optional add-on that you can order in the Google Play store. Each operator will need to purchase the app if they wish to use it on their mobile device. There is no bulk licenses available for the Android app at this stage. Unfortunately Google doesn’t offer a volume licensing program at … Continued

Can I customise the live chat window images and styles to match my web site?

Yes, you can change the images, logos, text etc. within the Chatstack settings and language pack files. For advanced changes you also have access to the CSS files and Smarty templates. The only restriction on customizing is that you shouldn’t remove the copyright line at the bottom of the chat window. This requires an additional fee … Continued

Where can I download the WHMCS live chat add-on?

If you have ordered your Chatstack license from WHMCS, you can download the Live Chat add-on within the WHMCS client area > Licenses and Services section. The download link for the Live Chat add-on should be available under the Add-on section when you click your appropriate license. You should directly contact WHMCS support if the … Continued

Where can I download Chatstack?

Chatstack software consists of two main components, the server software and the operator applications. The server software is installed in your server or hosting account and the operator applications are used by your team to chat with customers. Server Software You can download the server software in the customer area using the access details provided … Continued

Do you have a reseller program for Chatstack?

Yes, we have a reseller program available for all existing customers. This program is suitable if you would like to sell Chatstack in addition to your current products and services. The reseller pricing starts at approx. 25% discount for our self-hosted licenses. Additionally, we encourage resellers to offer installation services and / or customization options … Continued

How can I disable the embedded chat window?

The embedded chat window can be disabled directly in the Chatstack HTML code. You will need to update the following line from your step 1 Chatstack HTML code (as detailed at Documentation – Chatstack jQuery HTML Code): LiveHelpSettings.embedded = true; With the following with the value changed: LiveHelpSettings.embedded = false; Updating the above line from your … Continued

What should I enter in the Windows desktop app server field?

You will need to use the web site address where the /livehelp folder is installed. For example, if the /livehelp folder is installed at, then you would enter in the server field. When Chatstack is installed as a WHMCS add-on module then your installation should be located at or similar depending on … Continued

How can I install Chatstack within multiple domains?

Yes if you own a multiple domain license then there are two options you can choose from when installing Chatstack within multiple domains, an integrated or separate installation. Both of these options and applicable benefits are described below in further detail. Separate Installation For this option you will need to use separate MySQL database for … Continued

Can I disable WHMCS chat transcript tickets from being created?

Yes, if you do not wish for Chatstack to automatically generate the WHMCS chat transcript ticket at the end of every chat, you can disable this by overriding the internal setting. You would need to manually insert the following lines within your /whmcs/modules/livehelp/include/database.php file: $_SETTINGS = array(); $_SETTINGS[‘WHMCSTICKETS’] = false; The above lines need to be added right after … Continued

Do you offer white label services?

If you do not wish to have any branding shown within your Chatstack then you can purchase the copyright line / link removal option. With this option you are able to remove the copyright line, however you can’t place your own copyright line in the same place. You are also able to customize the images … Continued