How can I manually reset my password?

If you are unable to login to the Chatstack administration due to a forgotten username or password then you will need to manually reset the account.  Before you try manually reset the password for an account you should try the in-built password reset.  To use the in-built password reset you will need to know the … Continued

What Chatstack version do I have installed?

Server Software You can check the Chatstack (formerly Live Help) server software version you have installed by opening the /livehelp/include/version.php file. This file will show you the version installed if you purchased the software directly from us. The following lines will show you what version and build you are running. Note: you are not permitted to … Continued

How can I stop the Windows app from crashing?

If the Chatstack Windows application is crashing on your Windows machine (as shown below) then you may have corrupt settings. Please follow the steps below on the Windows machines that the crash is occurring within.  Please exit the Chatstack Windows application (if running) and then delete the following directories Within Windows XP the directories would be located at: … Continued