Server Software

You can check the Chatstack (formerly Live Help) server software version you have installed by opening the /livehelp/include/version.php file. This file will show you the version installed if you purchased the software directly from us.

The following lines will show you what version and build you are running. Note: you are not permitted to modify this /livehelp/include/version.php file.

$_SETTINGS['WEBREVISION'] = 'build 160 release';

We recommend that you always run the latest Chatstack Server Software and Windows application when using our Chatstack software.  You can download the latest Chatstack software within the customer area at

Windows Desktop Application

You can easily check the Chatstack desktop application version by signing out of the application if you are currently logged in.  The Windows application version will be shown in the bottom right corner of the application window before you sign-in.