How can I check the version of my WHMCS live chat add-on?

You can check the version of your WHMCS live chat add-on by opening any PHP files within the /modules/livehelp folder in a text editor application. You may need to use an FTP or SFTP application to open one of these files from your web site. The live chat version is shown within a comment at … Continued

How long is Chatstack supported for after each release?

You receive free support and updates for 6 months after placing your order. If you ordered on 15 September 2015, you will receive major and minor update until 15 April 2015.  If we release v5.1 on 15 October 2015 you would receive that update and security updates for that release would end on 15 May … Continued

How do I move the live chat tab?

We don’t recommend moving the chat tab as nearly all live chat apps have live chat positioned on the bottom right corner. This is where most customers will expect the live chat to be displayed. You could move the chat tab by editing the CSS files however this is not recommended unless you are experienced … Continued

How can I setup my profile image in the chat window?

Within Chatstack (from v5.0) we display an account profile photo to your customers so that you can build trust with your customers. We highly recommend that you use this feature to help grow your business and show that there are actual people working in your business. We have several options to setup the account profile … Continued

How can I customise the chat tab colors?

You can easily change the embedded chat tab color by inserting either the basic or advanced JavaScript settings in step 1 of the live chat HTML code (the full HTML code is detailed at Documentation – Chatstack jQuery HTML Code): Basic Color Themes Chatstack.theme = ‘turquoise’; Various theme options are available: default , green , … Continued

Can I setup SMTP authentication for sending emails?

Yes, from version 5.0 you can configure SMTP for any emails sent such as the offline emails or chat transcript emails. To configure the SMTP settings and authentication you will need to open the /livehelp/include/database.php file. // Override Settings $_SETTINGS = array(); // Recommended SMTP Providers // or $_SETTINGS[‘SMTPHOST’] = ”; $_SETTINGS[‘SMTPPORT’] = … Continued

Do I need to purchase the iPhone and Mac app for each team member?

The iPhone app and Mac app are optional add-ons for your operators. Each operator will need to order the iPhone app and / or Mac app in the App store if they wish to use these apps on their devices. For larger teams, Apple offers Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for businesses allowing you to order the iPhone … Continued

Do you offer a trial or demo version of your software?

Unfortunately we do not have a trial or demo that you can install on your own server. We also don’t have a demo installation setup on our own servers. We feel that it is best for customers to try the software on their own server or hosting account to ensure that everything functions as expected … Continued

Are there any hidden fees? Is the fee monthly, annual or one time?

Chatstack is self-hosted chat software that is installed on your own hosting account, VPS, cloud server or dedicated server. Our upgrade and support policy is described below depending on when you purchased our software. If you have purchased directly from us you can login to the customer area to confirm your support plan and expiry … Continued