Where can I access the Chatstack API?

We don’t provide a public API within our Chatstack software, however when you order directly from us you have access the PHP source code that you are able to fully edit. We can only provide limited technical support once you have edited and made customizations to the PHP source code. Note: Customers that have ordered … Continued

How can I translate Chatstack to a different language?

You can easily translate the Chatstack Server Software by editing the Chatstack locale files. The Chatstack Server Software is currently only distributed in English. The Chatstack Messenger Windows application is currently only available in English and can not be translated, it does however support multilingual chat requests using Unicode™ UTF-8. The Chatstack Messenger application supports multilingual chats using the following … Continued

What account access levels and privileges can I setup for my team members?

Your team members can be configured as different access levels such as Full Administrator, Department Administrator, Limited Administrator, Sales / Support Staff, or Guest. Each of these access levels has access to different functionality within the Chatstack app, as shown in the table below.

How can I add accounts for my team members?

Within the Chatstack Windows application you can manage the operator accounts from the Accounts tab (shown below). If you wish to create a new Chatstack account then you must click the ‘Options’ button. Alternatively, if you wish to edit an existing Chatstack operator account then you can simply select and click the appropriate account. You … Continued

How can I manage pre-typed responses and commands?

When using the Chatstack Windows application, pre-typed responses can be added from the Responses tab and are stored for all operators. You can easily create pre-typed Text, Hyperlinks, Images and JavaScript to send to your chatting visitors – save time when answering common questions. You are also able to assign tags to a pre-typed response, … Continued

Do you have a phone number I can call?

No, however please don’t misunderstand this as a lack of quality support! We’d love to answer your questions and strive to provide exceptional technical support. We know the decision to not provide telephone support is unusual, however after trying different approaches, we’ve found that using live chat and email enables us to provide the fastest … Continued

Why does my language pack show invalid UTF-8 characters?

If you are translating the Live Help language pack files to your own language then you may experience the following issue with invalid UTF-8 characters appearing within the Live Help chat window.  This error will occur if you have not correctly saved the language pack files as UTF-8. A screenshot is shown below of the … Continued

How can I manage departments for my business?

In order to manage departments you must associate a department to an operator when creating the account. When creating or editing accounts you can enter a department within the appropriate department field. Assign Multiple Departments In certain circumstances it is necessary for an operator to be assigned to multiple departments eg. Technical Support and Sales … Continued

How can I fix the cookies required error?

If you receive a cookies error after installing Live Help on your web site then you need to finish the Live Help installation.  If you have cookies enabled in your web browser and the error is still ocurring you should complete the following.  Please note:  You must use the Live Help Online / Offline button when you access … Continued