If you are translating the Live Help language pack files to your own language then you may experience the following issue with invalid UTF-8 characters appearing within the Live Help chat window.  This error will occur if you have not correctly saved the language pack files as UTF-8.

A screenshot is shown below of the issue occurring with a Spanish language pack, an incorrectly saved language pack file will show invalid characters such as � within the chat window.  Note: We only include an English language pack with Live Help, this is just an example for the purposes of this KB article.

Live Chat Window - UTF-8 Language Character Issue

In order to resolve the issue you will need to open the /livehelp/locale/en/guest.php file or the guest.php file in the correct language pack folder using Notepad.  It is best to use Microsoft Notepad as it has the correct options for saving the language pack file as UTF-8 encoding.

Once you have the language pack open in Notepad, you should have the language pack file open as shown below.

UTF-8 Language Issue - Edit Notepad

You then need to save the file as UTF-8 Encoding as shown within the screenshot below.

UTF-8 Language Issue - Save Notepad