Starter license

The starter license allows you to use the live chat software on one domain only. This is our recommended software license if your company only operates one domain for your products and services. The starter license allows you to place the live chat code and chat widget on a single domain for tracking your site visitors and accepting chat requests.

You are also required to keep the Chatstack branding intact when using the starter license, however you can customize the chat window CSS. The only restriction on customizing is that you shouldn’t remove the copyright line or powered by link at the bottom of the chat window. Q & A – What is the branding link removal?

Business license

Our business software license allows you to use the live chat software in up to 3 domains. You can only use the live chat software in domains operated by your company and it does not allow your clients to use a copy of the Chatstack software for their websites (different companies require their own software license and we have a reseller program if you’re interested in reselling Chatstack).

If you wish to remove the branding in the chat window, the business license will is our recommended option.

Both the starter and business licenses include free updates and support within 6 months after purchase. After six months, updates and support can be purchased for $69 / year (normally $89 / year). You can also add more domains to your license by contacting us via. email. The starter license includes one domain while the business license includes 3 domains, extra domains starts at $49 / domain.

Discontinued licenses

Both our single domain and multiple domain licenses were discontinued on 31 August 2015. Existing customers of the single and multiple domain licenses were grandfathered into our lifetime upgrades and support policy. Customers who purchase the new (Starter and Business) licenses on or after 1 September 2015 will be required to pay yearly for updates and support to the software.

Single domain license
The single domain license has been replaced with our new starter license. You can add extra domains to your single domain license starting at $49 / domain.

Multiple domain license
Our multiple domain license has been discontinued and is not longer available for purchase. Customers that are interested in using live chat within multiple domains can take advantage of our new business license. The business license allows you to use the live chat in up to 3 domains and additional domains are $49 / domain.