Whether your live chat is offline or online, a chat tab should display in the lower right section of your test page at /livehelp/index.htm (provided that you’re using the v5.x or above server software version Q&A – What Chatstack version do I have installed?).

Generally, if the live chat tab isn’t appearing on your website after you add the live chat HTML code it would mean there is a JavaScript conflict or an issue with your installation (i.e. a HTTP 500 Internal server error).

It’s easy to troubleshoot any HTTP 500 Internal Server errors or JavaScript conflicts / errors within Chatstack using Google Chrome and the Developer Tools. For this example, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot the /livehelp/include/settings.php file not working as expected.

If you do not see the chat tab on the test page at /livehelp/index.htm, this is an initial sign of the HTTP 500 Internal Server error within Chatstack. To confirm the HTTP 500 Internal Server error is the cause of this behaviour, you can check it using the developer tools included with your web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome and the following screenshot shows how to open the Developer Tools:

You can also hit the F12 key while the browser is active to open the Developer Tools.

When the Developer Tools are open, click on the Console tab – this is where you’ll see any errors occurring on the page. You might need to refresh the page after opening the Developer Tools to fully log any errors that occurred before you opened the Developer Tools. You will know the HTTP 500 Internal Server error occurs within Chatstack if you see a the following in the Developer Tool > Console:

If you see this HTTP 500 Internal Server error in the Developer Tools > Console, you can follow the instructions detailed at Documentation – Blank Live Chat Window Issue to resolve the issue.

If there are other JavaScript errors occurring in the Developer Tools > Console then you will probably need to contact us for technical support as there might be a JavaScript conflict on your site that is blocking the live chat JavaScript code from running.

Feel free to contact us via. live chat or email us to [email protected] if you need further assistance.