The SSL switch is automatically disabled and set as required within the iPhone app if your phone is running iOS9 or above. This due to the changes Apple introduced in iOS9 forcing all applications to connect via SSL as part of their Application Transport Security (ATS) changes.

Due to this change, you’ll need to setup a valid SSL certificate (supporting TLS v1.2 and SHA2 signatures) in your domain to get the iPhone app working. You might need to have your hosting company or server administrator help setup the SSL certificate on your website. Typically, all websites should have SSL setup as it will help with your Google rankings and build¬†trust in the fact that you value the security of your customers.

Apple has forced these security changes on all apps (starting from iOS9) and there is no workaround. We support this decision as it increases the security of your live chat installation and the security and privacy that your customers receive.

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