Within the Chatstack v5.1 server software, you are able to enable FullContact integration, allowing the operator to easily access social links (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, and GitHub profiles) for each chatting visitor.

Visitor Social Profiles and Customer Details

To enable the FullContact integration within your installation, you will need to register for a free API key at fullcontact.com/developer/. The free API includes 500 email lookups / month. You can also contact FullContact if you would like to arrange a custom plan between the free and Starter plan that they offer, further pricing details are available fullcontact.com/developer/pricing/.

After you have completed the signup with FullContact, your FullContact API key should be emailed to you and also accessible in your account. You then need to edit or add the following line within your /livehelp/include/database.php configuration file:


The above line needs to be placed before the return true; line of the database.php file. The XXXXXXXXXXX needs to be updated with your FullContact API key. Once that file has been updated you are ready to start viewing social profiles and additional details for each chat that enters their email address.

Feel free to contact us via. live chat or email us ​at​ [email protected] for further assistance.