The Live Help (now Chatstack) v3.90 and above supports IP City level location detection. We support the MaxMind GeoLite City (free) and MaxMind GeoIP City (paid with higher accuracy) databases. These databases are not included with the Chatstack downloads (due to the size of the database) so you will need to download the latest database from the MaxMind web site. The following instructions are for installing the database.

  • Download the MaxMind GeoLite City database at GeoLite City (Approx. 18MB)
  • Unzip the file on your local PC, you can use a free tool like 7zip for unzipping the GeoLiteCity.dat.gz file.
  • Upload the GeoLiteCity.dat file to the /livehelp/plugins/maxmind/ directory. The file is approximately 30MB so this may take some time.
  • The GeoLite database should be located at /livehelp/plugins/maxmind/GeoLiteCity.dat when finished uploading

The MaxMind GeoLite database is updated each month (normally on the 1st of each month) so you can replace this file every month if you wish to use the most accurate location data. Further details on the MaxMind GeoLite City database is available at