Within Chatstack v5.1 you are able to translate the departments to different languages. If running an earlier version of the server software then you would need to upgrade to the latest release before you can translate the departments.

The departments you wish to translate should already be setup in the operator app as English departments using English names. When the English departments are setup, you will need to translate each English department within the non-English language pack files. i.e. /livehelp/locale/tr/guest.php for Turkish.

In a section of the language pack below we will use Turkish as an example. You can refer to the following translation as an example:

$_LOCALE['departments']['Sales'] = 'Satış';
$_LOCALE['departments']['Support'] = 'Destek';
$_LOCALE['departments']['General'] = 'Genel';
$_LOCALE['departments']['Billing'] = 'Billing';
$_LOCALE['departments']['Administrator'] = 'Yönetici';

For the above you can see that we now have translations for the following English departments:


If you need to add another department then you would create the English department by assigning the department to an operator (you do this by editing an existing operator account). Then add the English name of the department. Don’t add departments using other languages when you which to translate the names, the default departments in the app should be set to English. For example, you might add the English department to an account.

Reseller Software

You’d then edit the /livehelp/locale/tr/guest.php file and add the line below to translate that department to Turkish.

$_LOCALE['departments']['Reseller Software'] = 'Bayi Satış';

If you have further questions or clarifications, feel free to contact us via. live chat or email us at [email protected]