Translating settings within the language pack files

Translating settings translation is now supported in the v5.1 release. You can now translate the global values set within the chat app > Settings tab in the language pack file at /livehelp/locale/en/guest.php. At the moment, there are two settings (the welcome message and the chat window name), these can be translated as shown below: Welcome Message … Continued

How can I hide or restrict departments that are shown?

In server software v5.1 and later, hiding departments shown on the chat window is supported. There are various situations where you might like to use this feature. For example, you might need to only show certain departments on some of your web pages. This can be useful if you have different teams (i.e departments) that … Continued

Translating departments within the language pack files

Within Chatstack v5.1 you are able to translate the departments to different languages. If running an earlier version of the server software then you would need to upgrade to the latest release before you can translate the departments. The departments you wish to translate should already be setup in the operator app as English departments … Continued

How can I disable the embedded chat window?

The embedded chat window can be disabled directly in the Chatstack HTML code. You will need to update the following line from your step 1 Chatstack HTML code (as detailed at Documentation – Chatstack jQuery HTML Code): LiveHelpSettings.embedded = true; With the following with the value changed: LiveHelpSettings.embedded = false; Updating the above line from your … Continued

How can I translate Chatstack to a different language?

You can easily translate the Chatstack Server Software by editing the Chatstack locale files. The Chatstack Server Software is currently only distributed in English. The Chatstack Messenger Windows application is currently only available in English and can not be translated, it does however support multilingual chat requests using Unicode™ UTF-8. The Chatstack Messenger application supports multilingual chats using the following … Continued

Adding Custom Smarty Templates

From within the Live Help Server Software v3.90 and above you are able to create custom templates. The templates are based on the PHP Smarty templating system and allow you to customise the guest chat window to suit your own web site design and layout. Make a copy of either the /livehelp/templates/default/ or /livehelp/templates/whmcs-portal/ folder. … Continued

Department HTML Code

A department Chatstack button will show the Chatstack status for just one department. When the visitor clicks the department button they will be directed to that department and not given the option to select an available department. If you wish to insert a department button within your web pages then you will need to modify step 2 … Continued

Custom Chatstack Chat Window

You are able to customise the Chatstack chat window to suit your web site design exactly.   An example of an advanced custom Chatstack chat window is shown below.  In order to change all aspects of the Chatstack chat window you will need to edit PHP and CSS files, i.e. you may need a web designer to help you … Continued

Custom Online / Offline Status Images

If you would like to customise the images that are used within Chatstack ( for example the Online, Offline, Be Right Back and Away images ) you can do this within the Settings section.  You do not need to edit any HTML code to change the status images. Sign-in to the Chatstack Windows application as a Full Administrator Select … Continued