Chatstack v5.2 Release

Chatstack v5.2 Release

We’re happy to announce that Chatstack v5.2 is available in the customer area if you’d like to update to the latest release. This release includes several new features and several minor bug fixes from the earlier v5.x releases.

Send Custom Initiate Chat Messages

Every visitor is unique and now you can offer your website visitors a fully customised experience. You can now send custom initiate chat messages to your site visitors to see if they need help or if you notice that a potential customer is experiencing issues with your website.

Custom Initiate Chat Messages

Chat Tab or Sidebar Chat Widget

You can now dock the live chat widget to the right side of your browser rather than using a small chat tab. Both options are shown below and available to be configured in the web application settings. The docked sidebar option gives your customers more room for chat messages and increases customer focus on your conversation.

Live Chat Tab or Sidebar Chat Widget

Collect Customer Feedback

You can now also collect customer feedback when your live chat system is offline using our new feedback widget. Gather insight into what your customers are thinking about your website and products even while you’re sleeping. Full details on configuring the feedback widget after upgrading to v5.2 is available at

Gather Customer Feedback

Mac App Changes

Our Chatstack Mac App v2.0 release is now out of beta ???? and it is available for download in the App Store. The Mac app is no longer a paid add-on and is now free for all customers – just like our Windows desktop app. We appreciate all the customers that supported the Mac app by purchasing the app and also everyone that provided feedback during the recent beta program.

Chatstack v2.0 Mac App

Changes to Support / Upgrades Policy

Late last year we had to make some difficult decisions regarding our software updates and support policy. Due to this, it was decided to discontinue our lifetime upgrades policy for new customers. All existing customers that purchased before 1 September 2015 will continue to receive lifetime upgrades and support and are grandfathered into that original agreement.

Any new customers that purchased our new Starter or Business licenses on or after 1 September 2015 receive 6 months of technical support and software updates from the date of purchase. After 6 months, customers can then choose to signup for a yearly updates plan for $69 / year which will then auto renew each year.

New Enterprise Software License

We have also introduced a new software license in addition to our Starter and Business Licenses. The Enterprise license, starting at $899 is suitable for larger corporations and offers priority email and live chat support, includes licenses for the iPhone and Android apps and extra domain licenses. Additionally, the Enterprise license is also suitable if you require a specialized license agreement from us.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or you require further information regarding the Enterprise software license.