Can I disable WHMCS chat transcript tickets from being created?

Yes, if you do not wish for Chatstack to automatically generate the WHMCS chat transcript ticket at the end of every chat, you can disable this by overriding the internal setting. You would need to manually insert the following lines within your /whmcs/modules/livehelp/include/database.php file: $_SETTINGS = array(); $_SETTINGS[‘WHMCSTICKETS’] = false; The above lines need to be added right after … Continued

How can I add the live chat HTML code to a Magento installation?

So you would like to add live chat to your Magento store? This can be accomplished by editing your Magento template file. You will need to use the HTML code as shown at Documentation – Chatstack jQuery HTML Code and add this to your Magento theme files, the theme files will vary based on how … Continued